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My postdoc project, generously funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark, is entitled ‘Democracy for Whom? Relational Egalitarianism and the Value of Democracy’. It tackles the question—known as the boundary problem in democratic theory—of who should be included in democratic decision-making.


The two most popular solutions to the boundary problem are the all-affected principle and the all-subjected principle. In my dissertation, I argued that these principles fail to provide a convincing solution to the boundary problem. Taking this as the starting point, my postdoc project investigates whether the relational egalitarian view of the value of democracy—that democracy is valuable because it is a constituent, or necessary, part of relating as equals—may provide a more satisfactory solution to the boundary problem.


I was interviewed by the magazine Turbulens about my project. You can read the interview (in Danish) here:

If you want to hear more about the project, please feel free to send me an e-mail.  

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